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Build your personal financial success with Bronix.

We manage private investments, provide assistance in personal capital planning, and trade crypto-assets and securities.

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Our advantages

Personalised approach, professional support and potential for successful growth - that's what makes Bronix your reliable partner.

High and stable profitability

We are focused on creating favourable investment and trading conditions that allow our partners to earn high and stable income. Our team provides access to high-yield strategies and customised investment solutions.

Ease to use

Our goal is to make financial opportunities accessible for everyone, so we provide a wide range of tools, an intuitive platform and ensure the availability of our services on an everyday basis. We pay special attention to the user-friendly interface and simplicity of the platform.

Accessibility for everyone

We provide access to our services to a wide range of people, despite their social status, wealth, residence or religious beliefs. We value our customers and consider them to be the primary value of our company.

Flexible bonus
and ranking system

Our unique rank system and bonus program provide an opportunity to generate additional income. Start your career, build your own business and earn rewards for reaching new ranks. Get affiliate rewards for opening investment portfolios of your colleagues and friends.

Company's official activity

Company name:
Bronix Digital Assets LLC.
Locality of registered office:
250 Fillmore St, Denver, CO 80206, US
State of Colorado, United States of America
Company Number: 20238184128

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Our partners

We believe that our partnerships with other companies give us the means to access new opportunities, resources and markets, help us mitigate risk and enhance our competitiveness.

The partnerships with major actors provide ongoing access to new technologies and resources. Our cooperation with companies such as Metamask, Chainlink, Curve and others allows us to acquire additional skills and experience that contribute to the growth of our company.

By collaborating in close cooperation with industry giants, we can reduce financial, technological and market risks, as well as strengthen our reputation and brand. Bronix is growing into a globally recognizable platform where both young and large companies use our services.