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Video about bounty program

Bronix Bounty Program

We offer each client to join the first stage of our bounty program and earn additional profit, which will be automatically placed in the form of a permanent deposit. Your deposit will generate a daily profit of 0.75%.

What do we offer?

1. Subscribe to all our social networks.

One-time payment for subscription to all our social networks will be - 5 USDT.

2. Record a short video review about our company for 90 seconds or more. Tell about the company, our marketing and affiliate program. The published video must be posted on your channel for more than five days.

The one-time payment will be 35 USDT.

3. Invite 3 active partners through your affiliate link with any minimum deposit.

One-time payment for each invited affiliate will be 5% of the invited affiliate's deposit.

4. Make a publication about our project in your social networks with the hashtag #Bronix.

Which social networks participate in our program:

Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Discord, TikTok, LinkedIn.
The published post must be on your channel for more than five days.

The one-time payment for each social network will be 5 USDT.

5. Leave a positive review about our company on the following resources:
Trustpilot, Scamadviser.

One-time payment for each review about our company will be 5 USDT.

How do I get my rewards?

In order to receive your rewards, you need to provide all the necessary evidence in the form of links or screenshots. To do this, you need to email us at [email protected] or contact our manager in Telegram: @bronixbounty.