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General questions

Investment conditions

Accrual of profit

Affiliate program terms

Additional questions

How do I create a personal account in the company?


Follow the link "Registration", fill in all the necessary fields, and confirm your action.

What should I do if the password does not fit or has been lost/forgotten?


Check that the input fields are filled in correctly, if this does not help, then use the password recovery form or contact support.

How much does it cost to create a personal account?


Creating an account is absolutely free.

Can I create multiple accounts?


Each participant can create only one account.

Can I change my personal data in my profile?


After registration, you can adjust your data yourself.

Who can become a private investor in the company "Bronix Digital Assets LLC"?


Individuals or legal entities over the age of 18.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?


BNB - 0.025 BNB
BTC - 0.0025 BTC
ETH - 0.05 ETH
TRX - 75 TRX
LTC - 0.1 LTC

What is it for? What are the advantages of this?


You have the opportunity to generate a steady income on a daily basis without any possible risks.

What marketing plan do we offer?


Our investment program has two financial packages, each of which creates unique conditions for obtaining a stable income.
The first investment package offers 6 tariff plans with daily dividends. The percentage of profit is floating and depends on the profit of our traders.
The second investment package offers 3 tariff plans with the withdrawal of dividends and the main body of the deposit at the end of the deposit period.

What payment systems can I use?


The client can invest funds using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT (TRC 20), USDT (ERC 20), USDT (BEP 20), BNB and TRX.

Is there a commission when withdrawing or depositing funds?


The commission for the withdrawal or deposit of funds is completely absent.

What are the maximum and minimum deposit sizes?


The minimum deposit amount is $50. The maximum deposit amount is $1,000,000.

Are there any restrictions on the number of deposits?


The client can make an unlimited number of deposits.

How long does it take to transfer funds to an account?


As a rule, funds are credited instantly, but in rare cases, it may take longer.

In what currency is the income accrued?


The income is accrued in the currency in which the deposit was opened.

When do investments start to make a profit?


The invested funds begin to make a profit immediately after they are deposited into the account.

According to which system is the income accrued?


The income is accrued according to the investment plan you have chosen.

Will I earn an income on the weekend?


The income is accrued daily and on weekends, depending on the chosen tariff plan. The first investment portfolio, consisting of six plans and a bonus plan, offers dividend payments on working days from Monday to Friday. The second investment portfolio is designed for daily accruals of dividends including Saturday and Sunday.

Can I track the accrual of profit?


Yes, you can track your accruals in your personal account.

Do you have an affiliate program?


Yes. The user can receive a stable and permanent additional income by inviting his friends or acquaintances to the service.

What kind of affiliate program do we offer?


You are offered a flexible system of rewards, career growth and bonuses for personal achievements.
1. Move up the career ladder
There are 13 ranks on the platform, where each participant strives to reach the final rank, which is called Co-Founder. For achieving each rank, the participant receives a one-time reward from our company, which will automatically be opened in the form of a deposit with 30 accruals. After its completion, the main amount will be available for withdrawal. Accrued dividends from the bonus deposit are available for withdrawal daily.
2. Build an affiliate network.
When you reach a new rank, you will increase the percentage of accruals from your partners' deposits.

How does it work?
Each participant starts with the initial rank of Intern. In order to increase his rank, the client needs to fulfill two conditions: increase his personal deposit and increase the turnover of his team. Please note that the deeper the line of your structure, the smaller the turnover from this line is offset.

At referral level 1, 100% of referrals’ deposits are summed up.
At referral level 2, 50% of referral’ deposits are summed up.
At referral level 3, 20% of referral’ deposits are summed up.
At referral levels 4–10, 10% of referral’ deposits are summed up.

Please note that additional terms and conditions may apply for Ambassador Manager, Gold Manager and Co-Founder ranks.

For more information, see the “Referral Program" section.

Do I need to make a deposit to participate in the affiliate program?


There is no need to make a deposit to participate in the affiliate program. But an increase in the deposit and turnover of your team guarantees you an increase in your earnings.

What is the duration of the withdrawal?


The withdrawals take place within 72 hours, but usually it takes less time.

Is it possible to hack my account?


We use a complex security framework, but in order to avoid problems, try to create complex passwords.

What should I do if I haven't found the answer to my question?


Please contact our support service, and we will try to resolve your issue.

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